December 12, 2018

Two Mediterranean Pesach Vacations: Barcelona and Pisa-Florence

Get carried away by laid-back vibes and warm Mediterranean hospitality of the most charming Italian and Spanish destinations offered by Olam Holidays.

Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri, Spain with KDeluxe

Enjoy Pesach surrounded by the prestigious Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri, a true gem of  Spain’s world-famous Andalusia beachfront.

Le Méridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa Barcelona, Spain with Tour Plus

Passover under the Mediterranean sun? Yes, please! Unrivaled luxury and the warmest hospitality awaits at the charming town of El Vendrell on the stunning Costa Dorada.

Discover the best passover programs in Spain

Regardless of how do you prefer to spend your time during Pesach, Spain has something for everyone to make the celebration this year unique and exceptional.

Treat yourself and your family with the never-ending natural, cultural and culinary treasures of the Iberian peninsula to turn this joyful Jewish Holiday a heart-warming memory.


Pesach at the Spanish Riviera

As part of your expertly tailored Passover Program, you can discover the country’s remarkable Jewish heritage and historical sites, and indulge in the laid-back lifestyle that is so unique to the Mediterranean.

Whether you prefer to spend your day at the vibrant beachfront of Costa Brava or explore the culture and local Jewish life in Girona or Barcelona, your stay during Pesach will be fully packed of exciting and relaxing activities.

El Call, the old Jewish Quarter of the Catalan capital becomes a meeting point for the local Jewish community and kosher visitors alike, and the many soul-lifting exhibitions, performances and social events organised by the local Chabad Houses create a perfect atmosphere to share the joy of Pesach 2020 with others.


Kosher Tapas, bull-fights and more

Whether you decide to enjoy the hospitality and culinary pleasures offered by your Passover Vacation operator, or go and discover the handful but excellent restaurants and kosher tapas bars of Spain for yourself, there is no doubt that the gastronomy of the Iberian peninsula will leave a long-lasting impression.

The wines for Pesach Seder (or for any other evening) come from the most prestigious kosher vineyards of Spain, France, and of course, Israel, and just like the food, every bottle has been made and strictly supervised by the highest standards of Kashrut.

Beyond the excellent food and wine, your Pesach in Spain will be complete with endless entertainment possibilities from Jewish performers, live music events and art exhibitions. Or, if you fancy a more extraordinary experience, see what makes the locals excited and visit a traditional bullfight, one of Spain’s signature attractions.


The Best Passover Programs of Spain

Search and compare all the exciting Pesach Vacations offered by the top-rated kosher travel experts of the Iberian Peninsula and secure your ultimate Passover experience today.