December 3, 2018

Westin Hotel Cozumel Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Come and enjoy the luxury and privilege this Pesach, offered by the prestigious Hotel Westin Cozumel, one of the true pearls of the Caribbean.

Discover the best passover programs in Mexico

Every year, millions of Jewish souls celebrate Pesach all around the world.

Now it’s time to experience something extraordinary for Passover, and besides your soul, treat all of your senses with the joys and pleasures of this significant Jewish Holiday.

And what could be a more fulfilling retreat for you and your family then discovering a beautiful and colourful country like Mexico, where you can fully enjoy every minute of Pesach 2020.


A Pesach of the senses

From it’s Pacific coastline to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico offers endless natural beauty, from the stunning Caribbean coastline to the breathtaking and unique natural caves of the Mayan rainforest called Xenotes.

The country’s climate is just perfect during the month of Nisan, with moderately hot and sunny days and pleasant evenings, without no rain, making it very comfortable to get out and about.


Colourful kosher dishes for Pesach Seder

Mexico’s culinary heritage is world-famous and for the time of Pesach, local delicacies will be tastefully infused with the kosher traditions.

Kosher master Chef’s from the world’s most renowned kosher restaurants will be invited by your Pesach Vacation provider to bring their expertise to the table (in every possible meaning) and together with the experts of the local ingredients and gastronomy they will create the most colorful and divine kosher dishes that also meet the highest standards of Kashrut.


Entertainment and music for Pesach

Similarly to the foodie traditions, Mexico has a rich musical culture. Latin melodies amongst other uplifting chords will serve as an inspiration for the many world-famous Israeli singers and musicians who will strive to entertain you during your stay.

If you prefer to listen to some more faithful voices, celebrity speakers and rabbis are invited by your dedicated Pesach Vacation host exclusively for the time of Pesach to share their knowledge and religious passion with you.


Pesach experience of a lifetime

There is no surprise that with all the colorful and inspiring pleasures Mexico has to offer, more and more kosher travelers choose it as their dream destination to celebrate Pesach.

Make sure you will be one of them this year and book your Passover Program in Mexico today to avoid missing out on the best special deals.