December 12, 2018

Two Mediterranean Pesach Vacations: Barcelona and Pisa-Florence

Get carried away by laid-back vibes and warm Mediterranean hospitality of the most charming Italian and Spanish destinations offered by Olam Holidays.

Pesach in Rome at the Aldrovandi Villa Borghese

Enjoy the warm welcome and five-star luxury at the spectacular Aldrovandi Villa Borghese, Italy and celebrate this Pesach in style.

MarePineta Resorts in Milano Marittima, Italy

What could be a better place for an inspiring Passover program than the Mediterranean coast surrounded by the cultural treasures of European history?

Passover 2020 in an exclusive resort Milano Marittima, Italy

Enjoy Pesach 2020 in the prestigious coast of Milano Marittima,  nestled in a picturesque pine-land overlooking the stunning scenery.

Discover the best passover programs in Italy

What could be a more attractive destination to celebrate Passover this year than a country full of spectacular kosher wines and food, romantic rural scenery and breath-taking architecture as well as remarkable sites of the Jewish history?

If the first country that popped in your mind was Italy, then you just have read our mind. Italia, as the proud locals call it is one of the most prestigious destinations of the Mediterranean that has everything to amaze and impress the during your stay for Pesach.


The warmest welcome for Pesach

Or as the Italians say, ‘Benvenuti per la Pasqua’, and this short greeting perfectly describe the charming Italian hospitality that you will feel from the moment you arrive.

Despite the size of the Jewish community in Italy is relatively small, the atmosphere they create through various social and religious events to celebrate Pesach is incredibly inspiring.

Consequently, the kosher visitor will find amazing Pesach Programs, social events and celebrations to join to all around Italy from Florence to Lake Maggiore.


“Mamma Mia, this kosher food is bellissimo!”

Similar sophisticated experiences await for those who want to indulge in the world-famous Italian gastronomy. The best chefs from the best local kosher cantinas are joined by renowned kosher chefs from all around the world to prepare you a tantalizing Pesach Seder dinner under the highest standards of Kashrut.

Take our advice and learn the short sentence ‘Un altro po, per favore’, which in Italian means: ‘Can I have some more, please?’. Believe us, you will use these words a lot whilst you are around food in Italy.

And the wines, those magnificent wines! Each bottle that makes its way to your table are carefully selected by kosher wines experts and sourced directly from the kosher vineyards of Europe and Israel.


A Pesach full of cultural and natural beauty

Whether you visit Rome, Venice, or Florence and immerse in the treasures of Renaissance architecture and art, or head to the picturesque rural scenes of Tuscany, Italy will make your Passover unforgettable.

Don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your residence? Then join one of the many entertainment programs, live music shows or comedy nights by renowned Israeli artists who have been invited by your dedicated Pesach Vacation operator especially for this Pesach.


Book the Pesach experience of a lifetime

It’s time to make those Italian language lessons worthwhile and book your Pesach Vacation in Italy. Browse through the great variety of the top-rated Passover Program providers and find your favorite today.