December 12, 2018

Exclusive Pesach in Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa Thailand

Enjoying Pesach in the oriental surroundings of Thailand? Why not? The Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa welcomes you for one-of-a-kind Passover vacation.

Discover the best passover programs in Thailand

Dreaming of an exotic vacation to celebrate the joys of Pesach but leaving the week-long housecleaning and stressful preparation behind?

What could be a more exciting, more outside-the-box destination than Thailand, the country that is also known as the ‘Land of Smiles’?

This beautiful Asian country is just a perfect example of combining the Jewish holiday with a mind-blowing kosher travel experience. Honestly, how many of your friends can say that they’ve spent the Passover this year with scuba-diving and riding on elephants?


Pesach Seder at tropical luxury

The most reputable kosher holiday experts in Thailand do genuinely recognize the importance of this significant Jewish holiday and use their decade-long expertise and local knowledge to bring the best of both worlds together, creating a Passover experience that plays in its own league.

The tropical islands of South-Thailand are world-famous for their unrivaled beauty and uniqueness, and together with some of the world’s most prestigious resorts they create a setting that is almost impossible to beat.

After a reviving and laid-back day spent at the spectacular white sandy beaches, some of the planet’s best kosher master chefs will entertain your taste buds with an exclusive and delightful kosher culinary experience.

Their presence is the guarantee that the highest standards of Kashrut are observed and maintained throughout your stay during Pesach, and along with world-renowned lecturers and entertainers their only goal is to ensure you enjoy a truly memorable Passover vacation.


No room for boredom this Pesach (unless this is what you are after)

Besides the endless exciting and inspiring programs and entertainment organized exclusively for you by your dedicated Passover Program operator, Thailand also offers many fantastic ways to spend your Holiday in the way you fancy it.

Get lost in the one-of-a-kind uniqueness offered by Bangkok and discover this amazing metropolis for yourself. You’d be surprised how many kosher shops, delis and little cafes are all around in this amazing city, not to mention the charming art galleries all inspired and managed by the local Jewish communities.

Alternatively, if you are looking for total tranquility for this Pesach, just head to one of the many breathtaking and unspoiled beachfront with your favorite book and find peace under the shade of a palm tree for the ultimate regeneration from the everyday stress.

If you are after something more action-packed, then you are also at the right place. From jet-ski rentals to jungle tours to all sorts of flying-riding adventures, Thailand boasts a plethora of different kinds of outdoor fun for everyone in the family.


Ready to escape from the usual and collect life-long memories?

With the increasing popularity for kosher travel to this incredible destination you’ll find everything that you would expect (and more) from an out-of-the-box time for Pesach.

Book your trip today and get ready for saying ‘Chag Sha’meah’ watching the breathtaking sunset on the last day of Passover at one of the world’s most beautiful tropical beaches.