December 19, 2018

Discover the best passover programs in Portugal

Treat yourself especially this Pesach and discover the idyllic uniqueness of Portugal, one of the Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets.

Despite Portugal might look like a tiny country when looking at the Iberian peninsula on the map, its natural treasures and cultural heritage is on par with some of Europe’s most historic countries.

Beyond this, the hospitality and kindness of Portuguese people and the pleasures this often overlooked destination offers are amongst the very best of Europe, and there is no doubt that Portugal has everything and more for the aspired kosher traveler to experience a truly unique way of celebrating Pesach.


Explore Portugal this Pesach

When in Portugal, wherever you go from Lisbon to Porto, you’ll feel the spirit of pioneering, walking in the foot-step of some of the greatest explorers of human history.

But even such prominent adventurers like Vasco Da Gama and Fernando Magellan, who discovered places where no one else went before, decided to return to their beloved homeland.

Even a quick glance is enough at Portugal’s breathtaking nature, pleasant all-year climate, stunning beaches, and unique gastronomy to make us understand what made these great people homesick.


Timeless culinary pleasures

None of these treasures that called the sailors back from distant Seas changed much in the last centuries and all of Portugal’s pleasures are there for you to enjoy as you wish, making your Pesach experience truly unique and timeless.

The world’s best kosher chefs are joining to their Portuguese friends in the kitchen for the time of Pesach, and together they use this timeless culinary heritage as the ultimate inspiration to create the dishes that will take your taste buds to an unexpected journey.

And when you think you are back down to earth after the Pesach Seder of a lifetime, your soul will be carried away again by the voice of some of the most talented local and Israeli singers and musicians, making your evening just as perfect as it can be.


Discover the best Passover Programs of Portugal

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