December 3, 2018

Passover at The Crowne Plaza Dead Sea Hotel, Israel

Spend a meaningful and inspiring yet unbelievably invigorating Pesach 2020 at the heart of the unique and amazing Dead Sea.

The Orient Hotel Jerusalem, Israel

Enjoy your stay in the heart of Jerusalem and be delighted with the luxury and amazing facilities that The Oriel Hotel has to offer.

The David Citadel in Jerusalem, Israel

In the heart of Holy Land, surrounded by a contemporary and luxurious atmosphere, The David Citadel is a unique destination you can’t miss out.

Two Inspiring Pesach Vacations in Jerusalem

What could be a more soul-lifting, undiluted and inspiring experience for this Pesach than celebrating the Holiday at Jerusalem, in the heart of the Holy Land?

Discover the best passover programs in Israel

What could be a more fulfilling, more inspiring way for you and your family to celebrate this Pesach than spending it at the Holy Land?

Israel, the homeland of Jewish people isn’t only a unique and soul-lifting experience for every kosher traveler but also the perfect destination for a Passover celebration of a lifetime.

Beyond its indescribable cultural significance and importance, Israel is also a country full of natural treasures and beautiful scenery, which on their own are great reasons to visit.


Returning home for Pesach

Going away to celebrate Passover abroad always requires some careful planning to ensure the needs of a kosher traveler are met (and the dedicated Pesach 2020 Program operators all around the world always happily assist to accommodate these needs).

When visiting the Holy Land the kosher traveler can take a more laid-back approach, since compared to other parts of the world, in Israel, being kosher is the way of life for many people.

Consequently, a significant portion of shops, restaurants, bakeries and other producers operate under the highest standards of Kashrut.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that the only option in Israel is to be kosher, but this kind of comfort and confidence allows the kosher travelers to fully immerse in the endless resources of natural, cultural and historical treasures the country has to offer, many of which date back thousands of years in ancient history.


A quintessentially Jewish experience

Whether you prefer to discover the remarkable historical sites, have a chat with the local people who proudly call Israel their home or join one of the hundreds of synagogues and Chabad centers to celebrate Pesach together, you can freely do as you please.

Visit Tel-Aviv and experience the unique vibe that makes it a one-of-a-kind city in the world, or catch a local bus to Jerusalem and get lost in the alleys of its Old Town that bears the marks of the ancient history. Or, if you are after a more laid-back way to spend your time, head to one of Israel’s world-famous beachfront to relax and unwind.

After the uplifting and/or touching adventures, just like paying your tribute the heroes of the past at the ruins of Masada, visit one of Israel’s many excellent kosher restaurants and let the country’s (and possibly the world’s) best kosher Chefs to treat you with a culinary experience that no other country could offer.


The Pesach experience of a lifetime

Search and compare the top-rated local Passover Program providers and let them guide you through the very best Israel has to offer. Make sure you are not missing out on the amazing special deals and book your life-long memories today.