December 12, 2018

Discover the best passover programs in France

Celebrating Pesach in France is truly a chic and unique way to spend one of the Holiest Jewish Holidays.

As one of the oldest countries of the Old Continent, France isn’t only quintessentially European, but also was (and still is) the birthplace of many wonderful Jewish minds from artists to mathematicians, offering the kosher travelers a pleasant surprise at every corner.


A plethora of Jewish heritage to be explored during Pesach

When visiting France for Passover, be prepared for the overwhelming amounts of historical and cultural treasures, many of which have the remarkable impacts of the Jewish heritage of the past centuries.

From the charming streets of Paris full of life and culture to the laid-back vineyards of the French countryside, you will be amazed and carried away from the very first moment of your stay.

After the overwhelming and inspiring first impressions, get yourself ready for a mind-blowing (actually, taste bud-blowing) Pesach Seder experience.


Pesach Seder at its finest

France didn’t only give the world some of the history’s most influential Chefs, it also set the standards for what we call today ‘fine dining’. There is no surprise that the word ‘gourmet’ is used all around the world to describe exceptional food.

The talented and world-leading kosher Chefs proudly use this bottomless culinary heritage to put the finest gourmet dishes onto your Pesach Seder table and the best sommeliers of France will provide you with expert advice to match your dining experience with excellent kosher wines.


Culture and entertainment worthy for Passover

Whether you prefer to discover the many historic and cultural attractions of Paris, visit art exhibitions organized the local Jewish community or enjoy one of the live shows brought exclusively to you by your Passover Program, there will be no shortage of great entertainment throughout your stay.


The most magnificent Passover Programs of France

Your dedicated Pesach Vacation provider will ensure that you’ll fall in love with France and you won’t regret your choice to celebrate Passover in this wonderful country. Make sure you don’t miss out on the latest special deals and book your stay today.