December 12, 2018

Discover the best passover programs in Dominican Republic

Besides all the joy of Pesach and the importance of this Jewish Holiday, it also inevitably carries a handful of not-so-pleasant string attached to it, from the week-long house cleaning and to the rush hour in your local kosher store.

This year, if you fancy escaping from these duties but of course, want to celebrate Pesach in all of its significance, we got great news for you. Your desires could be fulfilled much easier than you might think.


Treat yourself with a luxurious, tropical Passover experience

Prestigious and amazing destinations all around the world warmly welcome the kosher travelers to help them celebrate Pesach in a totally unique and relaxing way.

The Dominican Republic, with its award-winning white sandy beaches and exciting Passover Programs is amongst the best places to visit during the eight days of Pesach.

This charming Central American country has everything you might ask for to make your celebration wonderful and fulfilling. Some of the best Pesach Vacation providers under the Caribbean sun are there to ensure you experience Pesach like never before.


Kosher fine dining and total relaxation

If you are after a long-deserved rest, then it would be hard to find a better place than peaceful and undisturbed beaches of Punta Cana, where you can totally switch off, relax and revive.

Whilst you are listening to the soothing sounds of waves, the experts in the kitchen will work hard to prepare a mind-blowing selection of tantalizing dishes for your Pesach Seder.

Using fresh, healthy and local ingredients they follow the guidance and advise of kosher master Chefs from the best kosher restaurants of the planet, whom have been invited exclusively for the time of Pesach to ensure the highest standards of Kashrut.


Exciting and exclusive activities for Pesach  

Your committed and passionate Pesach Vacation providers will strive to surprise you with exciting and engaging programs and activities to make your stay truly exceptional and memorable.

The most talented Israeli singers, comedians, as well as celebrity speakers and rabbis will be there to entertain you at numerous evenings and nights shows, or if you prefer different ways of fulfillment, guide you through many faithful events during your stay.

If you fancy some unique adventures, you can join one of the many outdoor activities, from exploring the local wildlife to scuba diving and boat tours.


Choose the luxury for this Passover

If all these sound amazing to you (for us, it certainly does), then don’t hesitate, go ahead and book your luxurious and exclusive Pesach Vacation today. We are sure you won’t regret your decision and will experience one of the most fantastic Passover ever.