January 14, 2019

Discover the best passover programs in Colombia

This year, say no to the usual routine and surprise yourself and your family with a truly memorable Pesach experience.

Discover the endless treasures of Colombia and let yourself to be treated like a king, enjoying the incomparable hospitality and unique vibes of this fantastic South American country.


A hidden gem of Jewish heritage

Despite the size of Jewish communities in Colombia are relatively small, they are a prime example of conserving and caring Jewish traditions, proudly celebrating their heritage through various social, religious and cultural events all year round.

Local Chabad houses and synagogues are welcoming Jewish visitors from all around the world and give a meaningful insight for the aspired kosher traveler to explore the everyday Jewish life of Colombia as well as sharing the pleasures of this significant Jewish Holiday.


Pesach in Colombian style

Beyond the inspiring cultural heritage, Colombia has everything a kosher traveler might ask for an extraordinary and unforgettable Passover vacation.

The country’s climate is just perfect to make a visit during the month of Nisan, with warm, sunny days and evenings of pleasant temperatures. Whether you prefer to relax on your balcony after Pesach Seder or fancy to get out and about, the weather will be by your side for sure.

Pesach Seder on its own an unforgettable experience, where some of the world’s most talented kosher master chefs are striving to amaze you with their culinary creations, befriended with the local colleagues who are experts of the local cuisine and know where to find the freshest, highest quality kosher ingredients.

Enjoy fantastic entertainment and listen to world-renowned lectures, or get carried away by fantastic music shows and performances by some of the most talented Israeli artists who visit Colombia exclusively for the time of your Passover Program to make it an even more special experience.


Colombia awaits you for Pesach

There is no surprise that every year more and more Jewish families choose Colombia for their Pesach destination and their return home with unforgettable memories in their hearts.

Your dedicated Passover Program providers are the true experts of the Jewish treasure Colombia has to offer and there is no doubt that the masterfully curated program will leave a long-lasting impression and go beyond all of your expectations.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and secure your stay with them today.