December 3, 2018

Pesach in Canada at Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant

Book today to secure your place in the curated Passover Program this year at Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant and get ready to experience Pesach and ski.

Discover the best passover programs in Canada

Are you after an extraordinary Pesach experience full of great kosher food, inspiring programs and amazing cultural life?

Canada has all of these to make your Passover celebration special and offers a warm welcome and a rich Jewish cultural heritage for every kosher traveler.

We’ve got lots of great reasons to make you consider an unusual yet unique Pesach 2020 experience, and we are confident that you will find interesting and inspiring programs when searching through the dedicated Passover Vacation specialists in our selection.


Vibrant Jewish life and heritage

You can discover the great work and life of the local Jewish community as well as join to inspiring programs organized exclusively for you by your Passover Program host.

Whether you fancy the breathtaking scenery of mountains or exploring the natural forces of the Niagara Falls, whilst also enjoying excellent kosher hospitality, then the country of the maple leaf is just the perfect place to be during Pesach.


Kosher food and one of the best bagels in the world

The most talented Canadian chefs are joined by some of the best kosher chefs of the world during Passover to treat you with a plethora of kosher specialties and make your Pesach Seder a genuine fine dining experience.

Listen to the soul-lifting voice of world-renowned Israeli singers and entertainers who have been invited by your Passover Program organizers, exclusively for Pesach to make the celebration even more special.

If you prefer to spend your time more faithfully, visit the synagogue on site or join one of the speeches of celebrity lecturers.

Between the culinary pleasures and inspiring activities make sure to discover the surrounding beauty of Canada’s breathtaking nature and wildlife. Just a short drive away to Toronto and you can immerse yourself in a wide range of cultural events from art exhibitions to museum tours organized by the local Jewry to share the holiness of Pesach and celebrate this important Jewish Holiday together.


The Best Passover Programs of Canada

Check out the best Pesach Vacation providers in the country of the maple leaf, grab yourself a special deal and get ready for a Pesach experience like never before.