December 3, 2018


Timeless Africa Safaris is a bespoke luxury travel company, based in Cape Town. Join them and explore a new world in Africa

The Pesach Retreat – South Africa

Have an incredible Pesach experience at the spectacular Marriott Hunters Rest Hotel & Spa in South Africa, full of fun and deluxe atmosphere.

The wildest Pesach experience with Africa Kosher Safaris

Celebrate Passover in an outrageously unique way and discover the incredible treasures Africa has to offer for a Pesach experience of a lifetime.


Discover the best passover programs in Africa

Are you looking for an extraordinary experience for this Pesach? We might just have the perfect solution for you!

If you have never thought of visiting Africa for Pesach (or as a kosher travel destination in general), then we encourage you to think again, as this magically unspoiled continent has to offer much, much more for the kosher traveler than what meets the eye.

From incredible safaris and wildlife tours to the remarkable Jewish heritage sites of South Africa, there are a plethora of natural and cultural treasures that will surely leave a long lasting impression and surprise every adventurous kosher traveler.


Kosher? Safari? Totally possible!

Planning a kosher holiday, especially for Pesach, requires careful consideration to ensure all of your needs are met. The talented and well-experienced kosher holiday operators all across Africa are well aware of this and they proudly offering you their expertly planned Passover Programs to make your celebration absolutely worry-free.

You and your family can fully immerse in the unparalleled beauty and wilderness Africa has to offer whilst also celebrating a meaningful and soul-lifting Pesach 2020 that has everything that makes this important Jewish Holiday complete.


Pesach in South Africa

South Africa is the home of the continent’s largest Jewish community and consequently, there is no shortage of remarkable Jewish heritage sites, charming kosher restaurants and inspiring programs and events organized by Chabad houses and the local Jewry.

The pioneering communities of Pretoria and Johannesburg warmly welcome you to celebrate Pesach together whilst you can also get the first-hand experience about the local Jewish life.

When in Cape Town, don’t forget to pay a visit to the 175-years-old Garden Shul or head to the South Africa Jewish Museum to see the unique and significant marks of Jewish heritage that has been so faithfully preserved and cared for throughout centuries as well as today.


Celebrate Pesach in Africa’s unspoiled wilderness

Are you in for a more adventurous way to spend the Holiday? All across Africa, the most exciting, most mind-blowing experiences are waiting for those who are happy to leave the beaten track.

From the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls to the world-famous plains of Serengeti, you can choose from countless safaris, tours, and excursions to explore the unrivaled nature and wildlife, either by air, sea or land.

Africa’s best tour guides and kosher holiday operators will look after each and every one of your needs, so you can enjoy a truly unique Pesach Seder in the African bush, prepared for you by kosher master chef’s and listen to world-renowned lectures under the beautiful night sky.

Do all this at the utmost luxury provided by the most authentic Hotels and villas that has everything and more to ensure ultimate comfort.


Pesach experience of a lifetime in Africa

It’s time to please that inner adventurer in you and get off the beaten track this Pesach to collect life-long memories and celebrate Passover like never before.

Search and compare the most exciting Passover Programs offered by Africa’s top-rated kosher holiday experts and get ready for a Pesach vacation of a lifetime.