Passover 2022 Programs & Vacations

Looking for your dream Passover 2022 vacation? Find & compare 40 + luxury Pesach programs worldwide. can offer you truly unique experiences, exclusive & luxury 2020 Passover programs offers.

These are the top ranked destination for Kosher Pesach programs all over the world. Choose your desired one and get ready for a vacation of a lifetime.

Pesach 2022 Programs in The USA

From East Coast to West Coast, compare all US Pesach getaways. Get ready for gourmet dining, lavish experiences and so much more.

Pesach 2022 Programs in Florida

Discover a unique experience spending Pesach in Florida. Get ready for luxury, gourmet dining, great weather and so much more.

Pesach 2022 Programs in Bahamas

Can’t resist a laid-back, luxurious Passover Vacation on a lavish beach resort? Who said you have to? Click here to make it yours.

Pesach 2022 Programs in Israel

Treat yourself and your family this year with a very special Pesach in the Holy Land. Click here to book life-long memories.

Pesach 2022 Programs in Italy

The most spectacular Pesach Programs under the Mediterranean sun of Italy. Click here and find yours today.

Pesach 2022 Programs in Spain

Hola! Fancy taking your family to the stunning Mediterranean Coast? Click here for an unforgettable Passover program in Spain.

Pesach 2022 Programs in Mexico

What about spending your Pesach Seder in Mexico, one of the gems of Central America? Click here to secure your spot.

Pesach 2022 Programs Thailand

Elephant riding, floating shuks and stunning beaches. Sounds good? Click here to discover Pesach Programs in Thailand.

Pesach 2022 in Colombia

Have you ever imagine spending the Seder night in Colombia? We offer you an amazing Pesach vacation you will never forget

Pesach 2022 in Greece

Antiquities, lush scenery and a truly Mediterranean Pesach experience awaits for you in Greece. Click for the inspiring details.

Pesach 2022 in Africa

Enjoy the South African hospitality and treat yourself with a memorable Passover experience. Click here for details.

Pesach 2022 in Portugal

Come and enjoy chag in Portugal this April. Treat your family by choosing an amazing Pesach vacation of a lifetime. You won’t regret it.

Pesach 2022 in Croatia

Let’s celebrate Pesach by the unique Mediterranean coast with your family. Click here to find the most surprising Passover programs in Croatia.

Pesach 2022 Programs in Morocco

Get away from the routine and celebrate Pesach in a unique way in Morocco. Click here to explore the best Passover Vacations.

Pesach 2022 in Puerto Rico

Tempted by an island retreat? Click here for Pesach vacation options in Puerto Rico. You won’t regret this unique experience.

Pesach 2022 in Costa Rica

Make your friends envy how you celebrate Pesach at the beautiful Costa Rica. Click here to find the best Passover Programs.

Pesach 2022 in Panama

Escape from the usual and treat your family with a distinctive Passover celebration in Panama. Click here for details.

Pesach 2022 Programs in Canada

Discover Canada’s buzzing Jewish life for this Pesach. Click here for the best Passover Vacations at the land of the maple leaf.

Pesach 2022 Dominican Republic

Say no to the cleaning before Pesach and say yes to an exclusive tropical treatment in the Dominican Republic.

Pesach 2022 in France

World-class wines and kosher fine dining. What else to ask for an magnificent Passover? Click to compare Pesach Programs in France.

Pesach in Australia

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Pesach in Mauritius

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Pesach in Brazil

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Pesach in China

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