Are you planning something special for this an upcoming Jewish Holiday, or just want to get away from the everyday routine? We couldn’t agree more!

That’s why we collected the most inspiring programs and places to visit all across the United States to help you find best way to celebrate, or just explore something new and unique on you next kosher travel adventure.

From East Coast to the sunny hills of California

Everywhere from East Coast to the sunny hills of California, hotels and operators recognise the importance of Jewish Holidays and the needs of kosher travellers, and strive to accommodate them (both the needs, and the travellers).

Whether you are after an intimate family celebration for Passover, Rosh Hashana, Succot or Shavout, or a luxurious kosher travel experience, the USA boasts endless possibilities for the kosher traveller.

Breath-taking nature, architecture, art, museums, culture, and kosher food are all on offer and ensures everyone in the family will find something to get excited about.

Get the shopping for Rosh Hashana done in one of New York’s cosy, family-owned kosher delis that go back generations and offer the finest foods. Looking for an exceptional kosher wine to accompany the Pesach Seder?

Kosher Vineyards

There are only a few vineyards in the entire world (outside of the Holy Land) offering  hundred percent kosher wine and luckily the majority of them is in the USA!

Evan’s Vineyard in Oregon, run by vinemakers Philip and Sheryl Jones and supervised by Rabbi Tzvi Fischer is gaining unprecedented popularity amongst wine enthusiasts.

If your stay falls closer to the West Coast, a visit to the renowned Herzog Vineyard or Hagafen Winery (the former in south, the latter is in north California) can cater for all of your kosher wine needs.

Kosher Gourmet spots

Looking for the best matzah or kosher pastries in town? The lovely smell of freshly baked goodness will guide you to the right direction in almost every city. Frena’s Cafe in San Francisco is a great example of the hundreds of kosher family bakeries all across the country.

Outdoor and art activities

If you are more into outdoor fun, you’ll find endless programs and unforgettable scenery all around the States, from the hiking trails of Utah to the sandy beaches of Florida to the dazzling beauty of the Grand Canyon. The most experienced kosher travel operators and hotels with special offers for Jewish Holidays kosher travel are virtually everywhere.

Are you an art enthusiast? It would be hard to find a more sophisticated collection of Jewish art (or any art in general) than the prestigious galleries and museums all across the East Coast. The Jewish Museum in NYC would keep you speechless for hours whilst you walking through its rooms that represent 4000 years of history.

There are so, so many things to see, do and experience that we highly encourage you to search in our carefully selected kosher travel operators whose knowledge of a particular area or city will be a great help to find the most suitable program for your needs

And do you know what is the best part of it?

You are not only collecting life-long memories and spending great time with you family whilst discovering the richness of the Jewish heritage throughout the states. You also get away from the boring everydays, or if you plan your trip for a Jewish Holiday, escape from the usual madness that is inevitable before and after Pesach or Rosh Hashana the long, stressed queues in the supermarket and the never-ending cleaning.

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself with some unforgettable experiences and book your next kosher holiday today!


  • Lower East Side – The famous Jewish neighbourhood of New York also home to the largest Jewish population in the world outside of Israel
  • The Jewish Museum New York (admission from $18)
  • Le Marais New York – kosher American with French-influenced menu
  • Beth Sholom Synagogue – Pennsylvania
  • Bob Dylan’s Childhood Home – Minnesota


  • Reserve Cut at the Setai – One of New York’s most prestigious kosher restaurants
  • Mike’s Bistro – Contemporary Kosher food in the heart of NYC
  • Canter’s Deli LA – Superb food and iconic meeting point for the local Jewish community
  • Tel Aviv Kosher Bakery – Chicago – The name tells it all
  • Judah Mediterranean Grill – Flavourful kosher foods inspired by the Mediterranean

Pesach 2020 in Boca Raton Resort & Club Florida

Come and enjoy the unrivaled hospitality offered by Boca Raton Resort & Club, one of Florida’s most prestigious beachfront hideaways.

Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas with Kosherica

Experience an outrageously different Pesach celebration at Atlantis Paradise Island, one of the world’s most famous, one-of-a-kind destinations.

Pesach 2020 in Bonaventure Resort, Miami with Kosherica

Be part of an unforgettable Pesach experience and treat yourself with impeccable five-star service at the prestigious Bonaventure Resort & Spa.

Luxury Passover at Hilton Westchester New York

The prestigious Hilton Westchester turns entirely kosher this year and offers the most authentic Passover Vacation experience.

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