What could be a better destination for a kosher travel to explore the treasures of Europe than a visit to Spain and indulge in its rich Jewish heritage?

Whether you are looking for an unusual way to celebrate a Jewish Holiday or you just after a unique holiday experience, the Iberian peninsula has something to offer for every kosher traveller.

Jewish heritage and historical sites

You can discover the country’s remarkable Jewish heritage and historical sites under the mediterranean sun, and indulge in the laid-back lifestyle that is so unique to Southern Europe.

From Barcelona to Toledo there is a vast array of places to visit and things to do, so make sure you plan ahead to avoid missing anything.

Stay in the Catalan capital and get lost in El Call (Kahal), the former Jewish Quarter that dates back to the 11th century. If you look carefully, you can still find hebrew letters on the century-old walls that stood the test of time.

While in Barcelona, don’t forget to pay a visit to the spectacular Ancient Synagogue, that is not only the oldest in Spain, but one of the world’s only five ancient synagogues that remained.

Popular kosher restaurants and cafes

Once you find your way out from the labyrinth of cosy little streets and alleys, refresh yourself at one of Barcelona many popular kosher restaurants and cafes, such as Restaurant Maccabi, that is only a few steps away from the Ancient Synagogue.

Although the Catalan capital offers an unlimited source of Jewish culture, both old and new, it isn’t the only place in Spain for a kosher traveller to visit.

There are dozens of picturesque mediterranean towns all across the country, and all of them are easy to reach by train.

Girona offers the best preserved Jewish Quarter that dates back to the 9th century and gave home to Iberian Jews until the infamous Alhambra Decree that took place in 1492.

Cultural life of Jewish communities

But Girona (and Spain in general), isn’t all about the Jewish past and history. There is a buzzing cultural life of Jewish communities all around the country, and Girona’s Bonastruc Ca Porta is one of the most famous Chabad House where exhibitions, culinary events and music performances held regularly.

If you are after a truly unique experience, visit the beautiful town of Besalu and check out the 12th century mikvah that remained in exceptional condition.

Festival de Cine

Had a little overload of history and looking for something more actual? Take part in the famous Festival de Cine Judio Barcelona, the annual Jewish film festival that takes place in September (perfect timing if you visit for Rosh Hashana and Succot).

South of Spain

When you head to the south you arrive to Andalucia, where you can find beautiful cities like Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba and Malaga and explore the Spanish Jewish heritage at first hand.

Pleasant temperature and sunshine

If your plans are to hide away from the madness around the Jewish Holidays, then Spain is perfect spot to relax and leave the shopping and cleaning for others. The country’s mediterranean climate is perfect all-year round, whether you visit for Pesach, Rosh Hashana, Succot or Shavout, you will arrive to a pleasant temperature and sunshine.

Ready to indulge in Spain’s rich Jewish culture and history?

We are here to help you to compare the best Jewish holiday operators of the Iberian Peninsula and find the perfect kosher travel experience.



  • El Call – Kahal in Barcelona (free to visit, guided private and group tours are available)
  • Ancient Synagogue (carret de Marlet 5, Barcelona – Admission: €2.50)
  • Besalu – 12th Century Mikvah and Synagogue
  • Festival de Cine Judio Barcelona – 15th Sep 2019
  • The Jewish Quarter of Toledo, also known as the ‘Jerusalem of Sepharad’



  • Restaurant Maccabi – The perfect hideaway from the midday sun in El Call
  • Delicias Kosher – Fusion of international and israeli dishes
  • Ben Ben Kosher House – Kosher Deli and Restaurant
  • Om – The best kosher and vegetarian eatery in Girona
  • La Escudilla Kosher – Madrid’s renowned meat kosher restaurant with mediterranean inspired kitchen

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