What could be a more attractive Jewish holiday destination than country full of historical sites of the Jewish heritage, spectacular kosher wines and food, romantic rural scenery and grandiose architecture?

Yes, you’ve guessed it right! We are talking about Italy, the most prestigious destinations of the Mediterranean that has everything to amaze and impress the kosher traveller.

Home to Europe’s oldest Jewish community

Despite the number of Jews in Italy is relatively small, the country is home to Europe’s oldest Jewish community, whose first members settled here in the biblical times, when Judea formed the part of the Roman Empire.

Consequently, the kosher visitor will find the remarkable impact of Jewish heritage wherever he goes in Italy, and many treasures of the Jewish heritage survived the storms of the past centuries.

The once dreadful Jewish Ghetto of Rome, where Jews were suppressed and forced to live in the 16th century, is today the city’s most prospering and vibrant area, full of chic boutiques, charming kosher restaurants and cafes.

If you are looking for a ‘deeper’ understanding of the history of the local Jewry, head to the Jewish catacombs of Rome that has only been opened to the public very recently and offers a unique experience for kosher travellers.


Similar experiences and hidden gems are waiting for those who arrive to the magnificent city of Venice. The Jewish Ghetto of Venice was the very first of such establishment in Europe, formed in 1516.

A commemorating walk inside its narrow alleys and streets might be a touching experience, but just like in Rome, the neighbourhoods darker past is clearly outshined by what it is today, a vibrant, colourful and culturally reach place where the Jewish heritage is cared for, shared and celebrated in every corner.


Whether you visit Rome, Venice, or even Florence and immerse in the local Jewish life, you can be sure that an excellent kosher restaurant awaits for you everywhere.


If you feel you had enough from the historical and architectural treasures, or just want to leave the buzz behind, head to Tuscany, Italy’s world-famous countryside. The pure natural beauty and peacefulness of this place has served as an inspiration, and often as a background, for many Renaissance paintings, and once you see it with your own eyes, you will completely understand why.

In Tuscany, make sure you pay a visit to the Terra Seta vineyards, Italy’s only fully kosher winemakers. Despite the owners of the winery aren’t Jewish, they hire local mashgiachs who supervise the winemaking.

The owners are so respectful towards the kosher traditions that they don’t even touch their own wine. And the result? Their wines are sold and exported to kosher shops and restaurants from New York to Israel.

A long-lasting impression

Whether you are after the historical treasures or the rural beauty of the Mediterranean (or both), Italy will leave Italy with a long-lasting impression.

With us you can search through the dedicated experts in Jewish Holiday and Kosher Travel who will strive to help you find the most inspiring experience and make your next Jewish travel unforgettable in Italy.


  • The Synagogue of Florence
  • Cantina Giuliano – Italy’s most famous kosher winery and restaurant
  • Jewish Catacombs in Rome
  • Jewish Ghetto in Venice
  • The Jewish Quarter of Rome


  • Cremaria Romana Gelato Kosher – Widely claimed to serve the best kosher ice-cream in Europe
  • Su Ghetto – Rome – Fabolous kosher meat dishes
  • Gam Gam Kosher – Venice – Charming, family own restaurant with the heart of Venice
  • Carmel – Milan – The best kosher pasta dishes of North Italy
  • Ruth’s – Florence – Delightful kosher dining experince

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