Regardless of what are you after during your next journey, France has something for everyone to make a kosher travel unique and exceptional.

Being one of the oldest countries of the Old Continent, it has become the essence of the classic, European culture and for centuries, France gave the world some of the most influential men and women whose life shaped the history of Europe. This land was also the birthplace for many wonderful Jewish minds from artists to mathematicians.

A touch of Jewish Art

A great example is Moishe Segal, or as the world knows him, Marc Chagall, the Jewish painter whose art made a remarkable impact on many generation of artists, including his own era.

You can see his breathtaking work displayed in the prestigious Palais Garnier, the grandius Opera House of Paris, which on its own is a must-see stop in every kosher travel to France.

After collecting life-long memories in this world-famous landmark, head to one of the many renowned kosher restaurant of Paris to finish your day with a spectacular dinner.

Delicious Kosher places

L’Inte Caffe is just a stone-throw away from the Opera serving delicious kosher dishes, but if you don’t mind a little walk, Restaurant Kavod will make the extra steps worthwhile.

Fashion in Paris

If you are into the world of fashion and stay in Paris that is also the home of the world’s most influential designers, don’t miss to check out them showcasing their work at the city’s (and the globe’s) most glamourous fashion shows.

Don’t forget to pop in to the boutique of one of the celebrated Jewish designers at the Schmatta district and make sure you explore the many Jewish shops and delis in the Rue des Rosiers that is home to the welcoming local Jewish community.

French countryside and kosher wines 

But if you want to stay away from the buzz and discover the picturesque beauty of the French countryside, especially if you are a wine enthusiast, then a visit to one of the world’s only three 100% kosher vineyards (outside of Israel) would be a great experience during a Jewish Holiday in France.

Don’t forget to get a bottle or two from these world-class kosher wines from the friendly owner, the French Jew Alexandre Sartene, whose vineyard is also nicknamed by himself as ‘the Kibbutz’.

Kosher travel experience

Visiting France to spend a kosher holiday is also a reviving experience, as the country’s climate is just perfect almost all-year round. Temperatures are in the pleasant 70s from March till October, the air is balmy and full of scents.

We compare tour operators all across France who can make your stay unbelievably pleasant and guide you through all the exciting and engaging programs. Wherever you go to discover, the amazing local people (including many Jewish communities) will give you a warm and friendly welcome, making you feel at home from the very first day of your stay.

If you choose France as your next destination to spend the Jewish Holiday in style, then get yourself ready for an overwhelming and unforgettable kosher travel experience.

What are you waiting for? Leave the daunting tasks like Rosh Hashana or Succot shopping and the week-long house cleaning before Pesach for others and book your Jewish Holiday experience today.



  • Rue les Rosiers and the Jewish Quarter of Paris, full of Kosher shops, restaurants and cafes
  • Palais Garnier (Entry fee for tours €9, tickets starting at €25)
  • Alsace-Lorraine Jewish Heritage sites (4 hours by train from Paris, tickets start at €39 one-way)
  • Main Sefardi Synagogue (rue Buffeau) & The Great Synagogue of Paris (Synagogue de la Victorie, 44 rue de la Victoire)
  • Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme (Marais district of Paris, entry fee €9)



  • Schwartz’ Deli – Super delicious kosher street food, just like in a shuk
  • Restaurant Kosher Pitzman – Kosher, mediterranean and middle Eastern dishes
  • Murciano Patisserie-Boulangerie – The finest kosher pastries in Paris
  • Kavod – One of Paris most famous kosher restaurant, offering French-inspired cuisine
  • L’Inte Caffe – European kosher place in the heart of Paris. Make sure you book in advance, it fills up quickly at lunchtime.

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