Kosher Travel in Africa

If you are planning to have kosher travel in Africa, then you made the right choice! Africa is one of the ideal places to go and it is also possible for any kosher traveler.

With a broad diversity of languages, cultures, and ethnicities, Africa has it all. From enjoying a new locale, visiting iconic places, to taking great delight of delicious food, Africa offers a wide variety of leisure and experience.


Why Africa is a great place to travel to

Africa is an extraordinarily distinct continent with spectacular sceneries, remarkable animals, and rich in interesting cultures. Africa’s great variety of destinations for holiday experiences in South Africa and East Africa provides one of the most incredible travel experience in the world.

South Africa is the ideal place for thrill seekers or travellers who want to spice up their lives. Travellers can get the feeling of flying like a bird by paragliding off of a mountain over the capital city. On top of that, South Africa has one of the most magnificent scuba diving in the world, exploring the extraordinary undersea wildlife by shark cage diving.

If you want to enjoy the best African food, then contact our best Kosher Operators who can make your trip very easy and unforgettable by taking care of all your meals providing excellent cuisine. Indulge some of East Africa’s tradition while visiting some of the most popular countries such as Uganda and Kenya.


The benefits that Africa can offer

One of the most significant benefits a traveller can get in visiting Africa is it changes your perspective on how you look at the world forever. The amazing wildlife, beautiful mountains, and the vastness of the place that seems to go on forever magically work slowly on you.

Your fantastic travel experiences in Africa will fill your mind in a very compelling and enduring way that lingers on you forever.


The benefits of spending a Jewish holiday in Africa

Planning kosher vacations can be a bit complicated. In preparing kosher travel, one of the most important things to consider is arranging kosher food for your trip.

It is easy to keep it kosher in Africa. Africa has a great number of kosher restaurants, especially in South Africa. A good number of supermarkets supply kosher foods since there are Jewish communities in different areas in Africa. Just try to find the Beth Din symbol when you are looking for kosher food.


The unique experience of spending Kosher Travel in Africa

If you want to experience watching magnificent elephants, giraffes, and lions in their natural habitats, then a kosher safari is a great opportunity that you should not miss.

Our best operators in Africa offer a unique experience that will let you witness the world’s greatest wildlife sanctuaries and make it ready and kosher for you. Not only that, you get to visit Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world and explore the most scenic cities in the continent. Just pick out the most exciting itineraries that will let you have the most excellent adventure of a lifetime.

Get the most out of your Jewish holiday and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. Book your next kosher holiday today!



  • Jewish museum in Cape Town – highly acclaimed museum, with interactive audiovisual exhibits that narrate South African Jewish history
  • Cape Town Holocaust Centre – a permanent exhibition combining text, archival photographs and film footage, documents, multimedia displays and re-created environments
  • The Gardens Synagogue founded in 1841, the oldest Jewish congregation in South Africa
  • The remainder of the Jewish Campus, including the Great Synagogue (1905), the Albow Centre with Museum Shop, Gitlin Library and Israel Abrahams hall
  • Atlantic Seaboard – one of the oldest Jewish communities in Africa


  • The Jewish Campus in Cape Town 
  • 175 year old Gardens Shul
  • The South African Jewish Museum 
  • The first Holocaust Centre in Africa
  • Sea Point’s modern Jewish community



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