December 3, 2018

Every year, more and more Jewish families decide to embark on exciting journeys and celebrate a Jewish Holiday away from home, thanks to the rapidly increasing number of excellent kosher travel operators all around the globe.

This year, join to the many happy kosher travaler and treat yourself and your family with a unique and special experience to celebrate Shavuot


Perfect time for travel during Shavuot

The month of Sivan is just simply the most pleasant time of the year for a little adventure, as at many destinations this marks early summer, with all-day sunshine and warm but not scorchin hot temperatures.

In many countries, fruits and vegetables reaching their prime around this time, allowing the skillful kosher chef at many wonderful kosher restaurants all around the world to surprise you with fresh and delightful dishes inspired by festive mood.

Beyond this, some of the world’s best cheeses, cakes and dairy delicacies awaiting for you and your family to enjoy during Shavuot.


Life-long memories for Shavuot

Chabad houses and Jewish communities all around the world preparing faithfully in the 3 days prior to Shavuot and they warmly welcome you and your family to join them in the celebration to share the joys of Shavuot together.

This year collect life-long memories and long lasting impressions by experiencing how the Jewry of a different country celebrates, engage in long, meaningful conversations, make new friends whilst also relaxing and reviving in a fantastic place.

Visit one Tikkun after the other and immerse in the traditions and the meanining of these Holy Days, or withdraw to your residence so you can study the Torah all night in the utmost peacefulness and tranquility.

Your dedicated kosher travel operator fully understand the importance of Shavuot and your needs and ensure you can focus on the celebration and study without the smallest distrubance.


Shavuot all around the world

This year, say no to the usual routine and say yes to a new, exciting and inspiring way to celebrate Shavuot with your family, and collect meaningful memories together.

Search and compare a superb collection of the world’s best destinations and Shavuot Programs from the best  kosher tour operators and book an unforgettable journey today.

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