December 3, 2018

Organising kosher travel requires some careful consideration and planning, and this is particularly true when you are planning to spend an important Jewish Holiday, such as Rosh Hashana, away from home.

Luckily, there is a rapidly increasing number of hotels, resorts and kosher tour operators all around the world who recognize the importance of Rosh Hashana (and other important Holidays) and strive to ensure that they not only meet your needs but also surprise you with a memorable experience to celebrate like never before.

Whether you fancy a tropical beach holiday or celebration surrounded by mountains or rural beauty, there is a vast array of kosher tour operators and exciting Rosh Hashana Programs to choose from that can easily make your dreams become reality.


New Year, New Adventures

What could be a more meaningful and exciting way to start the New Year spending it in an inspiring, stimulating place surrounded by your loved ones, with whom you can finally spend truly valuable time together and collect life-long memories?

By heading to an exciting destination to celebrate Rosh Hashana, you not only ensure that this can happen but also setting yourself up for the well-deserved relaxation and special treatment so you can fully enjoy the pleasures of the celebration and being looked after like a king.

Many tour operators, beyond ensuring that the highest standards of Kashrut are followed at your chosen destination, also do an excellent job bringing a plethora of special and personal touches to your Program by inviting some of the top Jewish talents and minds, exclusively for Rosh Hashana.

Kosher master chefs, world-renowned lecturers and Rabbis as well as top Israeli singers and entertainers are happily responding to their invitations to make your family’s experience even more special.


Rosh Hashana all around the world

Regardless of what floats your boat or what kind of setting makes you feel inspired, the world is full of amazing places where you can celebrate Rosh Hashana in a unique and memorable way.

Fancy a luxurious, tropical getaway? From the best spots of the Caribbean to the sunny beaches of Florida, there is a superb range of excellent resorts and kosher tour operators who will help you to enjoy Rosh Hashana whilst listening to the waves, feeling the white sand under your feet and the sun on your face.

Are you after something packed with culture, history and heritage? Head to the Old Continent and discover the many treasures of Europe. From Spain to Italy, from Croatia to the Greek Islands, unique experiences and a laid-back celebration awaits you under the Mediterranean sun.

Or none of these are up in your alley and something more extraordinary would fit the bill? From kosher safaris to the breath-taking mountains of Canada, there are endless possibilities to celebrate in the way how you want it to happen.

Are you ready to dip your apple into the honey in style? Then search and compare a great selection of the best Rosh Hashana vacations and most talented kosher tour operators and get ready for saying ‘Shana tovah’ in style.


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